GLAY 20th Anniversary

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インタラクティブな操作で高画質なフォトが楽しめるiBooks Author版と、スマートフォンでも快適に文字が読めるEPUB版を同時発売。 デジタル版では、TAKUROとともに表紙を飾った「ギター・マガジン2014年12月号」のロング・インタビュー&グラビアと、『GLAY ARENA TOUR 2014-2015 Miracle Music Hunt』(2014年11月~2015年2月)最新ライブフォト27点を新たに追加収録! デジタル版ならではと言える写真の美しさは圧倒的で、ポートレートはもちろん、愛用するギターの細部まで拡大して見ることができるなど、デジタルブックでしか得られない読書体験が味わえます。  HISASHIの全てが詰まった大ボリュームの完全保存版です。


To celebrate GLAY’s live show at Tokyo Dome in May 2015, which is their first show at Tokyo Dome in 10 years, as the great closing of their 20th anniversary year, all the booklets made and sold exclusively at their dome tours in the past are digitally reproduced!

This booklet was originally made to sell at the domes during GLAY’s very first dome circuit tour “pure soul” in 1999. The photo gallery of 58 live shots taken during the same tour is exclusively added to this digital version. Those beautifully compiled pictures absolutely remind you of all the precious moments you shared with GLAY back in 1999.
Moreover, you can enjoy them on your smart phone/tablet at your disposal. Just open the photo gallery, then voila! You are brought back in the live show to conjure up your emotion, passion and all the feelings you felt there!! Permanent preservation is the right description for this beautifully digitalized and reproduced booklet.
The huge white spaceship was used symbolically for the tour that everything including all the visuals was impressively created on the unique image of the outer space we actually had back in 1960-1970s. Space-suited GLAY members in a spaceship for instance, their unique conceptual photos newly added would give you another throb after all those years.
Exclusive interviews of the members are also interesting for fans to read. They talk about their excitement and expectation towards their very first dome circuit tour after they have done a hall circuit and a stadium circuit tours in 1998. Plus their ambition and vision for 2000s mentioned in their interviews are also very interesting to read with hindsight.

This digital book is created with fixed layout. Text scaling, search and highlight are not available.

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